Aquila Red Series Baritone Strings DGBE (STAQUIL-53277)

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Aquila Red Series Baritone Ukulele String Set Normal DGBE Tuning, 89U

  • wn strings feature a great feel, excellent elasticity andaccurate intonationpast the 12th fret.Pressing strongly the string on the frets, the note does not became sharper.It is not necessary to file the nut slot wider to accommodate it.
  • Set / Baritone Ukulele 4-string d g b e' - Low D Tuning 1st/2nd: Plain RED SERIES type E- and B(H)-string 3rd/4th: Wound D- and G-string E-/B-strings made of a mixture of NYLGUT andred copper powder, colour: red-brown Red Series - Nylgut made firstly elastic and then added with red copper powder in order to increase the density to about twice that of standard white Nylgut.Slightly rough surface; this texture has eliminated the squeak that sometime happen with the Nylguts.The new red-bro
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